My two experiential learning experiences were Salsa Dancing at the Sycamore Deli and visiting the Local Farmers Market in Downtown Blacksburg. These two experiences definitely helped me see all different side of Appalachia. What I saw defiantly how the stereotypes in … Continue reading

Coal Flowers are Cool

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This week I was asked to reflect on the course activities from this week in class and discuss the readings. The in class activity this week was to bring a small container to class, in this container we combined many … Continue reading


If I was given 40 million dollars I would invest in the small businesses before big business. I would put money and resources into small businesses because those are the things that really make a big impact on small counties … Continue reading

Eller and Lewis Readings

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“Until World War II three different social systems existed side by side in the coal fields of the Southern Appalachians: (1) the original rural mountain settlements, characterized by pattern of isolated residence and subsistence farming; (2) the coal camps, primarily … Continue reading