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Everything in moderation… even Connected Learning

Connected Learning…. To be honest, I’m a little skeptical. When I think about the classes I’ve had so far that included a connected learning model, they haven’t been great experiences. I’ve had required blogs for three courses and I would say at most one of those course blogs that I’ve written contains material of substance while the other two were simply meeting a requirement. I never felt engaged by the material in these classes and the required blogs each week just diluted the experience that much more. To me, connected learning has been… overwhelming. When you have X students required to write X blogs each week and make X comments as well as X posts on the class facebook page and X tweets and X comments on the Scholar chat room and so on, I’m afraid more often than not, you just get noise. How can we be more engaged in a connected learning environment without this overwhelming noise? How can we enrich the experiences of ourselves and our students without the inevitable mindless comments: “John has a good point” and “This is a great article” and the like? I hope we are able to answer these questions as part of GEDI this semester.

I’m particularly interested in how we can incorporate the Connected Learning model into STEM education. Using social media as a means of communicating scientific results and sharing knowledge can certainly be effective and engaging, but how can we incorporate this into the classroom in a meaningful way?


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