Final Site Construct

When building my final construct, I had all these grand ideas of creating a natural-stained glass window, and yet after experimentation, I found that idea to be very complicated. I tried casting liquid plastic resin, yet I just couldn’t get a handle on how to use the material. I also tried connecting my sticks using lap joints, but found that connection time-consuming and impractical.

To combat all these difficulties, I decided to focus on the simplicity of my idea, and devote my efforts on to my stick structure. I used thin wire to attach my sticks, and built my construct right in the tree so that I would get a more accurate form.

While I am overall pleased with my piece, I faced some more issues, such as the lack of shadows it created once the foliage of all the trees came in, as well as the density of my sticks being less apparent than I intended.

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