Group Project

As a final project for this semester, we were assigned to groups with those in studio who are in the same major. Each group was given a space at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts, in Floyd VA,  to redesign. Each space had it’s own issues that needed to be addressed, restraints to consider, all while meeting the objective of uniting the traditional, agricultural part of the community with the creative artisans of the area.

My group of interior designers were assigned the add-on classroom to redesign. We had to address numerous issues, like the lack of sound of absorption, utilization of space, durability of floors, and aesthetic of lighting and finishes.

To conquer this room, we made several changes that would enhance the feeling of the barn that the center once was. Amongst the changes include: laminate flooring to provide more durability; paneled ceilings, which will absorb sound; natural cork paneling on the walls to absorb sound and provide potential space for artwork; shelving for paintings; recessed lighting and track lights, which will create warmth in the room and highlight specific works; and foldable barn tables and benches, which not only utilizes the space better than individual chairs and plastic tables, but also unites the two communities by getting local artisans in Floyd to make the pieces.

This project gave me the opportunity to work in a group and learn more about myself and how I coordinate and cooperate with others. I also got to use my growing skills to design the poster, as well as do thorough research to create a detailed budget of materials.

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