Song Composition

Unlike any other project we’ve been given so far, the prompt for this assignment was different in that we were told to listen to the rhythm and melody of a particular song, and to then interpret that song into a composition while experimenting with color and mediums. Before this, the only sense we really used was our sight. Now, we were getting to explore music and sound. For this assignment, I chose to step away from paint and explore the use of a material I’ve never used before: oil pastels.

The song I chose to do was “Oblivion” by Bastille, which is a song that, when first listening to it, appears to be a melancholy song. This is represented by my use of the color blue. However, the tone is surprisingly uplifting and hopeful, which I represented by my use of orange.

The lines scored in the oil pastels are meant to represent the beat. The lines that are all uniform in length are the verses, while the line that vary in length are meant to depict the chorus.

While I feel I well-represented my song, I had a difficult time figuring out how to properly use my pastels, leaving me to wonder if maybe using a different medium would have created a potentially more successful composition. With that being said, I did learn more about pastels and their limits when it comes to application on paper.

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