Chatter: Architecture Talks Back


The Art Institute of Chicago recently announced an exhibition that will be up for the next three months. It will feature five firms and each firm’s collection of architectural and design works. The firms being highlighted include Bureau Spectacular, Erin Besler, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Formlessfinder, and John Szot Studio. The exhibition will focus on how they come up with new designs and concepts that reflect upon the legacy of their field.

Neville Bryant, a curator from the museum, says he wants the exhibition to explore the relationship between architecture of the past and present:

“Technology has profoundly influenced society and the discipline of architecture, yet even as contemporary architects experiment with new methods and media, their work is not divorced from history; they reference, reimagine, and build from the history of the field.”

The idea behind the title of the exhibition comes from the root of what “chatter” is. Chatter is the way conversations are created today, largely through the use of social media. This technology has affected the way ideas are communicated, along with how ideas are produced and presented to the public.

The exhibition is meant to inspire and help viewers understand that this chatter is essential, especially in relying on and questioning the history of architecture and design.

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