– Or I have been living out of a suitcase since May 

The last time I updated this blog it was June, and I was sitting in a hostel in Scotland while it rained, trying not to think about the rent email I’d received a couple hours earlier. My friends were planning out the weekend – we’d hammered out going to Edinburgh Castle in the morning – and I was excitedly writing about our 9 hour trip through England and Scotland.

Now, I’m sitting in my kitchen on my lunch break during work. I would be down in Blacksburg, except that the lease for my sublet ran up on July 23rd, which meant that I spent 23 days in an apartment with very little furniture.

What an adventure this summer has been so far.

I’m staring down the barrel of Senior year (again) and, unlike in high school, I am mostly terrified. I have to figure out when I’m taking the GRE, and whether or not I need to email a bunch of professors in Master’s programs. I need to figure out who will let me defer entry for a year, so I can take a break from school. Then there is applications and classes and a social life hiding somewhere in there. Oh man.

Because I have been living out of a suitcase since May, I am mostly concerned with donating the large store of clothing I have sitting around in my dresser. That led to me thinking about the books I probably wouldn’t read in the next two years, and suddenly I found myself planning to clean out my room to make things easier for when I graduate.

I really don’t like living a year in the future. I was doing so well at living less than a week ahead a month ago; even better living in the present when I was London. I feel like I’m clawing at memories of London and trying desperately to go back to June, while being hurtled towards August 20th. Work has been less than inspiring.

I always seem to end Summer on this note – ready to leave, and scared of the future. And restarting a blog that has been on life support for months.

It’s a new semester, so I suppose it’s time to start this up again. To try where I have failed before. I’m in a much better mood, a better emotional place than I have been in in a while. It’s time to tell stories again.