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Hangin' out at the Berlin Wall.

“Aufgewandert” is a humorous term my relatives use to describe the family habit of getting distracted by interesting stuff and running off in pursuit of it. It’s a rough and grammatically-incorrect German translation of “wandering off,” and is a fairly accurate description of my daily life. The world is full of so many bizarre and amazing things — who wouldn’t want to go wandering off after them?

Anyway, I’m E. Lower, a Virginia Tech senior majoring in Humanities, Science & Environment. When I’m not in class, I can usually be found bouncing story ideas off my roommate, scribbling in my sketchbook, convincing people to try unusual snack foods, or getting way too worked up about robots. Stop by any time for a cup of tea — I am always happy to share.

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  1. Hi, are you anywhere near Colorado?

  2. Organizing an event in Denver this Spring but sounds like we are a bit of a way. But part of the event is a USB project, a bootable linux with tools, art, mp3s etc, would you like to have some of your articles & art included?

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