Online Identity Roundup

Another post of references for the Unit 4 project:

+ Blogging Anonymously — A short piece on the importance of pseudonyms and how to create one online. Interestingly, all the author’s recommendations run counter to the behavior rewarded on Tumblr: she suggests you keep all information vague, don’t mix business and pleasure, avoid posting photos, never give out your contact information, and never trust people with your real identity. On Tumblr, though, this is commonplace behavior. To what effect? I’m not quite sure, but it sure is interesting to see how standards change.

+ Pseudonyms Are Essential Online — a very strong argument for the use of pseudonyms that focuses on them as a way to create a safe space folks who risk being harassed and bullied for their identities, particularly LGBTQ* youth.

+ To Be or Not To Be a Pseudonymous Blogger — a really good piece on how pseudonyms impact the credibility of the writers behind them, and whether it’s ever appropriate to use them in a professional context.

+ Why I No Longer Blog Anonymously — a short entry on Tumblr identities being discovered and the awkwardness that ensues. Directly relevant to my topic, for once.

This project seems to be leaning in a somewhat different direction than I’d anticipated based on the sources I’ve found. Not that that’s a bad thing, just a little unexpected, but I’m rolling with it. Here’s hoping it works out all the same.

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