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Okay, so it looks like the final project’s gonna be on digital identity after all, which means I’m gonna need to add some sources about Tumblr to build out from my original essay. The following link roundup may or may not wind up being relevant to my project, but they’re interesting articles all the same. There is a serious lack of academic articles about Tumblr, which, I know, is a little ridiculous to say, but it is a unique platform that I’d be interested to see more academic discussions about. There’s plenty of material out there — memes, selfie culture, linguistic anomalies, reaction gifs, social justice blogging — that manifests uniquely in the culture that evolved on the site. For now, have a couple of tangentially related links.

+ Tumblr Is Not What You Think — an outsider’s perspective on the site that addresses pseudonymity and argues that Tumblr is, in some ways, the “anti-blog.” I disagree with several parts of this piece (mostly the suggestion that there’s very little in the way of interpersonal interaction on the site), but it’s an interesting point of view.

+ Pinterest, Tumblr, and the Trouble with “Curation” — Not directly related to my topic, but an intriguing article on why people collect images and cultivate their blogs (and this their online identities) the way they do. Quote of the night: “A commenter added: “My Tumblr isn’t so much curated space as it is a symptom of deeper pathologies made manifest.”

+ Tumblr needs to fix its transparency problem — Again, not directly related, but as a Tumblr user I couldn’t agree more. For all the site’s positive qualities, it doesn’t always listen to (or, some would argue, respect) its user base. As someone who grew up on Livejournal and has been watching LJ slowly go dark over the last few years due to similar woes with the site management, it’s a worrying pattern to establish.

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