Video Narrative Roundup

Well, that video narrative was…something, let me tell you. This was my very first video project, and I definitely got in over my head with the whole “let’s hand-draw and also write the music for this assignment!” thing. I could have made this a heck of a lot easier if I’d used stock images and Creative Commons music, but I wanted to experiment a little, and while this was way more time-consuming than it needed, I am pretty proud of the end result. I learned to use three new online programs for this assignment, and a couple of new life skills — namely, how to storyboard effectively, how to write a soundtrack that matches the action in a story appropriately, and how to get comfortable with the sound of my own recorded voice.

I think the most interesting part of this assignment was the part that wasn’t actually required — I got so frustrated trying to find music that fit my story that I gave up and just wrote some myself. I knew there were online programs that would let you build pre-recorded loops and turn them into songs, and I found one called MusicShake that worked out fairly well. The track for my video is nothing particularly great on its own, but I think I did a fairly good job of matching the music to the scene transitions and getting the tone right. It was certainly a neat experiment!

Anyway, the final video is here:

MusicShake is here. Play around on there if you like, but if you want to download tracks, including your own, you’ll need a subscription. I impulse-bought a month-long one for five bucks and will be writing and downloading a bunch more music to make good use of it, but I do wish it was free!

And Pixlr is here for all your off-brand Photoshop needs. Most folks use it like Instagram, but it is pretty decent for heavier photo editing, and for actual sketches and coloring if you’ve got a tablet on hand but no spare cash for the Adobe suite.

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  1. Jim

    oh wow, so you did everything by yourself and that is awesome! those are definitely some good skills you acquired there.
    I really enjoyed the video while I was wondering where is your collegiate way of life blog.
    The story was fun, GENUINE, and at the same time it is mature enough that it is not like a children’s book.
    It is so awesome that you wrote your own music!

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