Video Narrative Progress, or “holy jeez, what have I gotten myself into”

The story I picked for my video narrative posed a unique challenge for this assignment: I don’t actually have any pictures to accompany it, so I’m drawing them myself with a tablet and a somewhat dubious but free Photoshop-like program online. This is my very first video assignment, and I figured it would be fun to animate my story with sketches rather than rely on stock images to illustrate it. Fun, right?

Turns out this may have been an, er, ambitious undertaking. I might need to tinker with my storyboarding a little to prevent my hand from falling off my wrist after all these sketches. Things are starting to shape up, but man, I don’t know how actual animators do this!

I’m also puzzling over how I’ll be able to work on this project during class on Monday, as my laptop’s abysmal battery life means it’s really more of a desktop computer. I’ve got a neat drawing app called Paper on my iPad that could be handy for roughing in the illustrations, and I may wind up using that as an intermediate device, but we’ll see. If I can use class time to commandeer a recording booth, that would be fabulous — I’m pretty happy with my script, and I’ll be able to work out the number of drawings I need a little better if I have a recording to construct them around.

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