Multimodal Roundup

Thought I’d start a new post series in which I link to Neat Stuff Tangentially Relevant To Class Discussions. This week’s series deals with multimodality, or in terribly oversimplified terms, mixed media, so here are some links that might pique your interest if you’re into that kind of thing.

+ Our discussion of the essay written on ballet shoes reminded me of this pretty remarkable piece of performance art, in which a ballet dancer with knives attached to the tips of her pointe shoes dances atop a grand piano. Challenging, uncomfortable, and awe-inspiring.

+ Seaquence, a very cool blend of music, art, and a little bit of science. Make your own song in an unconventional way by building instrumentation modeled off sea creatures, which then swim around and play back your tune. It’s oddly calming and definitely a pleasant way to waste some time.

+ Finally, a video that talks about the desire for communication between members of an audience and how it impacts online fan communities. If you’re involved with fandom or curious about multimedia, interactive elements of storytelling, you’ll really want to watch The Audience Has An Audience.


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