Aaaand we’re back!

After a semester abroad and a summer of science adventures on the coast of Virginia, it’s time for this blog to get its systems back online. Between the HRCS blog posts and Dr. Warnick’s assignments from ENGL 3844, there’s gonna be a fair amount going on here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

For now I’ll use this post to jot down a couple of ideas for my digital narrative, a video project in which we get to tell a story about ourselves. I’m currently fluctuating between:

1. The snake in the Christmas tree
2. Zooropa in Berlin
3. The Great Poison Ivy Debacle of Summer 2013

I love telling all these stories, but for now I am leaning towards the first: it’s funny, fairly concise, and I could do some fun things with the visuals. The Berlin thing is way more esoteric and I think it might work better in another medium, perhaps something without narration read aloud, like Twine or some multimedia web thing with the narrative in text rather than audio. The Poison Ivy Debacle is hilarious and actually a really important experience I had this summer (it helped me get over a lifelong fear, which was pretty awesome), but it involves some low-grade but slightly gory medical stuff, talk of anxiety, and questionable decisions regarding urban exploration, and so is perhaps not the best choice for public consumption for a class project. But we’ll see!

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