Wildlife trivia > homework, obviously.

Here is a gel pen doodle of a lammergeier, or bearded vulture, that I drew instead of drafting a bunch of my final essays.

Did you know that bearded vultures live almost entirely on bone marrow? Long after other scavengers and microorganisms have eaten most of the meat on a dead animal, bearded vultures will still be able to gather nutrition from the bones. They will pick up large bones and drop them from great heights to crack them open, and will simply swallow smaller bones whole. Their beaks are strong enough to shatter the femurs of animals as large as lambs. Their stomach acid has a pH of 1 and can dissolve almost anything the bird consumes within 24 hours. Native to mountainous regions of Eurasia and Africa, bearded vultures have a wingspan of roughly nine feet and are mostly silent aside from the occasional shrill whistle. Scientists worldwide have concluded that bearded vultures are one of the most striking examples of badassery in the animal kingdom.

There. Now you know about bearded vultures and I have successfully avoided homework for just a little while longer.

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  1. I feel that this is the best form of procrastination, because, hey, at least you were teaching someone something cool!Bearded Vultures are super neat (‘neat’ because I am secretly from the 1920’s) and I enjoy their striking badassery.

    I hope you got your essays done…ish, and I wish you luck over the coming weeks.

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