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This blog post brought to you by Google Translate.

Imparare un’altra lingua sta dimostrando di essere una bella sfida. Non è solo il fatto che io sto cercando di insegnare a me stesso italiano senza un istruttore diverso da un programma per computer, è solo che ogni linguaggio è così complesso che i vostri (anni mesi??) Primi di parlare esso sono intrinsecamente difficili perché don ‘t hanno molto in termini di vocabolario. Ci sono siti come Google Translate che possono aiutare in questo processo, ma sono imperfetti e tendono a parole scramble peggiori anche l’uomo più incompetente. Ti piace questo post del blog, per esempio. L’ho scritto in inglese, tradotto in italiano, e poi tradotto indietro. Mi sento come cercare di comunicare a Riva potrebbe essere allo stesso modo caotico.

Io continuerò a fare del mio meglio, ma mi preoccupo di quanto sta per perdersi nella traduzione.

In terrible inglese, courtesy of back-translation:

Learning another language is proving to be a challenge. And not only That I’m Trying to Teach me same Italian Without UN instructor Different from the United Nations Program for computers, and only that every language is so complex that your (years months?) Early Speak It are inherently difficult perched don ‘t have Very in terms of vocabulary. There I came sites Google Translate That can help in this process, but are imperfect and tend a race words Also worst man more incompetent. Like THIS blog entry, for example. I wrote it in English, translated into Italian and then translated back. I would be trying to communicate a Riva could likewise be Chaotic.

I will continue the rate of my better, but I worry about is How to get lost in translation.

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Study Break

The technologies for extracting and using fossil fuels are really freakin’ cool. You can levitate masses of burning coal and limestone on cushions of air! You can shave the insides of mountains down with a massive razor-like machine! You can heat up crude oil and send the results up through a tower and get all sorts of different products condensing at different levels, from butane down through jet fuel and paraffin and asphalt! There are phase changes and heavy metals everywhere! It’s beautiful.

I don’t say that facetiously. It’s a testament to human ingenuity and power and efficiency and it’s so, so neat. I love it. I’m allowed to in this context. I’m studying for a test in a class that’s designed for mining engineers, not environmentalist wannabe writer-things like myself. Turns out it’s incredibly refreshing to see the other side of an issue that’s painted as The Great Evil in so many of my classes.

I’d go on about shades of gray and inherent complexity and how us-vs.-them mentalities screw us all over and so on, but it’s after four in the morning and I’ve still got fuel cells to diagram.

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