My memory’s been terrible lately. I know it’s mostly because of stress and sleep deprivation, but I’m also wondering if it’s because I haven’t been keeping a diary this year. The human brain doesn’t work quite like a computer and this is hideously unscientific, I’m sure, but I’ve got a theory. Without writing things down, I have no way to offload memory, and I think details start getting deleted to make room for more information. I don’t like this and intend to fix it shortly. Blog entries are a start.

I am a bit embarrassed by my utter lack of recent posting. I’ve been putting so much energy into managing school, work, and related fields that when I do have downtime, I gravitate towards activities that allow me to just turn my brain off for a bit: craft projects or watching TV or using Tumblr, a site that requires less active  generation of data and more reblogging of content that’s already been generated. I love writing, but it takes energy, and a lot of it. I’ve felt like I haven’t had much to spare recently.

But that is just an excuse, and not even a very good one. I will work on fixing this and actually practicing what I preach: writing interesting entries and participating in discussion online. It’s totally worth the energy.

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