Testing, testing, 1-2-3.

Earth from the moon.

I heard we needed a little content on the newly-renovated motherblog, so here’s a nice picture of home.

If you can see this from the motherblog, leave a comment and tell me your favorite thing about space. If you don’t have a favorite thing about space, leave a comment and I’ll tell you why you should.


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  1. I saw this on the mother blog! Space is such an interesting word. It has such multifarious meanings. Raum or Weltraum in German is the same way.

    Space is interesting in that spatially, particularly in the German, it gives a sense of bounds. Yet when thinking about extra-orbital space, you’re really talking about absence rather than boundaries.

    Anyway, that’s my thought on Space and the complications of language.

    • Erika

      Oh, I love this. The new sets of connotations and associations that accompany vocabulary are some of my very favorite things about learning new languages. German in particular has some nicely evocative phrases. (I should really work on improving my speaking skills — I took four years of it at school and can practice with my relatives, but I’d like to get better because it is such a neat language.)

  2. Oh, good I can see this. I’ll mess with the motherblog a little bit more later today.

    SPACE. Man, what o I not like about space…ummm…in particular I really like nebulas. they are gorgeous and awesome and /make stars/(in most cases). Which is just really amazing.

    And that was not nearly as profound as Dr. Stephens’, but that’s okay, because I need to work on commenting anyway.

  3. chantichant

    Try setting your image as a featured image. On the post editing page, you will find on the bottom right “Set Featured Image” link. From there it will ask you to either choose an image from your image library or for you to upload a new image.

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