Linguistic adventures

Just started teaching myself Italian for study abroad purposes next semester. Some thoughts so far:

  • The first lesson in this program teaches you introductions, numbers, and how to order a drink. Clearly it’s got its priorities straight.
  • Gendered languages must present interesting issues for people outside the binary. Everything in Italian is either masculine or feminine and I wonder how people would work around that, or if the language even allows them to.
  •  At least gender is somewhat sensibly assigned via spelling, unlike German, which just makes no freakin’ sense. (I wind up calling everything ‘die’ out of exasperation. My vocab and comprehension auf Deutsch aren’t bad but my grammar is atrocious to the point of comedy.)

This will be an exceedingly interesting experiment. The BBC program we’re using is very engaging and I’m enjoying it so far. CM meets tomorrow so we’ll see what everybody else thinks too.

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