Let’s get this show on the road.

Okay, we’re back! I’m still in the process of getting this blog shipshape again, but I figured it’s a week and a half into the new school year and it’s frankly pathetic that I haven’t made a real post yet.

Still messing around with themes. I’m fond of this one, but because it’s got a paid upgrade option that I haven’t utilized, it won’t let me access the HTML and play around with styles the way I’d like. As a result, my old title, Notes from the Field, was too long for the space allotted to it and ran over into my header image in a most unsightly way. So I’ve changed my name around a bit.

“Aufgewandert” is a humorous term my relatives use to describe the family habit of getting distracted by interesting stuff and running off in pursuit of it. It’s a rough and grammatically-incorrect German translation of “wandering off,” and is a fairly accurate description of my daily life. The world is full of so many bizarre and amazing things — who wouldn’t want to go wandering off after them?

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