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My memory’s been terrible lately. I know it’s mostly because of stress and sleep deprivation, but I’m also wondering if it’s because I haven’t been keeping a diary this year. The human brain doesn’t work quite like a computer and this is hideously unscientific, I’m sure, but I’ve got a theory. Without writing things down, I have no way to offload memory, and I think details start getting deleted to make room for more information. I don’t like this and intend to fix it shortly. Blog entries are a start.

I am a bit embarrassed by my utter lack of recent posting. I’ve been putting so much energy into managing school, work, and related fields that when I do have downtime, I gravitate towards activities that allow me to just turn my brain off for a bit: craft projects or watching TV or using Tumblr, a site that requires less active  generation of data and more reblogging of content that’s already been generated. I love writing, but it takes energy, and a lot of it. I’ve felt like I haven’t had much to spare recently.

But that is just an excuse, and not even a very good one. I will work on fixing this and actually practicing what I preach: writing interesting entries and participating in discussion online. It’s totally worth the energy.

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Testing, testing, 1-2-3.

Earth from the moon.

I heard we needed a little content on the newly-renovated motherblog, so here’s a nice picture of home.

If you can see this from the motherblog, leave a comment and tell me your favorite thing about space. If you don’t have a favorite thing about space, leave a comment and I’ll tell you why you should.


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Linguistic adventures

Just started teaching myself Italian for study abroad purposes next semester. Some thoughts so far:

  • The first lesson in this program teaches you introductions, numbers, and how to order a drink. Clearly it’s got its priorities straight.
  • Gendered languages must present interesting issues for people outside the binary. Everything in Italian is either masculine or feminine and I wonder how people would work around that, or if the language even allows them to.
  •  At least gender is somewhat sensibly assigned via spelling, unlike German, which just makes no freakin’ sense. (I wind up calling everything ‘die’ out of exasperation. My vocab and comprehension auf Deutsch aren’t bad but my grammar is atrocious to the point of comedy.)

This will be an exceedingly interesting experiment. The BBC program we’re using is very engaging and I’m enjoying it so far. CM meets tomorrow so we’ll see what everybody else thinks too.

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Let’s get this show on the road.

Okay, we’re back! I’m still in the process of getting this blog shipshape again, but I figured it’s a week and a half into the new school year and it’s frankly pathetic that I haven’t made a real post yet.

Still messing around with themes. I’m fond of this one, but because it’s got a paid upgrade option that I haven’t utilized, it won’t let me access the HTML and play around with styles the way I’d like. As a result, my old title, Notes from the Field, was too long for the space allotted to it and ran over into my header image in a most unsightly way. So I’ve changed my name around a bit.

“Aufgewandert” is a humorous term my relatives use to describe the family habit of getting distracted by interesting stuff and running off in pursuit of it. It’s a rough and grammatically-incorrect German translation of “wandering off,” and is a fairly accurate description of my daily life. The world is full of so many bizarre and amazing things — who wouldn’t want to go wandering off after them?

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