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Several things occurred to me as I was mulling over colloquium plans for this week. Our original plan was to go to Deets as a group and order tea there. However, I’d completely forgotten about Valentines Day.

Deets was very likely to be ridiculously crowded by people getting sugary foods with their significant others or drowning their sorrows regarding their lack of significant others in chocolatey baked goods. Plus, some of our group members had plans tonight with their own significant others, friends, or simply an annual date with a bad romantic comedy or two. In light of this, going to CM might not seem like the most entertaining way to spend the evening.

Our alternate plan was this: we would not meet for CM at the usual time this week. Instead, we got an assignment: go to Deets at some point before next Tuesday, order some sort of tea, and write a short review on your blog. We’d talk about it a bit next week.

Tea of the week: Deet’s Green Earl Grey. I like their regular Earl Grey (a traditional black tea blend made with bergamot oil, which is a type of lemony citrus fruit) but I hadn’t tried the green variety. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work for me. Certain kinds of green tea, if oversteeped, can taste remarkably like cigarettes, and because I kept my bag in the water for too long, I got some of that, which didn’t complement the citrus flavor well at all. One thing I do like, though: Deets actually uses loose tea in filter-paper bags instead of pre-packaged bags. The one downside is the part where the bags soak up boiling water and and drips it onto your hand. Alas. I’d give it a try again, but I’d much prefer to get the dry tea leaves and make it myself so I can avoid a drink that seems like it’s approaching thermonuclear fusion on the temperature scale.

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