Brushing off the cobwebs

Right, sorry, it appears I’ve fallen a bit behind on CM posts. And on blogging in general. I shall attempt to remedy that shortly.

I rarely blog on this site, and I feel a bit bad about that. After all, I love blogs. I’ve got nearly half a dozen blogs and writing accounts scattered across the internet, and I’ve been doing this for years. The problem I’m having with this WordPress account is that it doesn’t have a purpose the way my other sites do. This account isn’t a substitute for a diary or travel log, it isn’t an imageboard, it’s not a place to post my or writing or interact with people who share my nerdy interests, it’s… I don’t know. An assignment, I suppose. Which is why I’ve been reluctant to spend much time with it, or at least any more time than strictly necessary.

I feel like I’m talking into empty air on this site. I know there are other people out there (hello, you), but the lack of interaction makes everything feel a bit sad and pointless here. Hopefully things will pick up around here.



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  1. Hi Erika,

    Not quite empty air. :) I’m reading and I bet others are too. I’m working on ways to make that more obvious to folks (one way is Google Analytics–stay tuned). So there’s some help on the way there, just in terms of seeing if anyone is reading.

    That still leaves the issue of what to write about. Here there’s a lot of freedom, which also leads to a lot of uncertainty. Have you taken a look at the “why blog” tab on the main page? I’ve tried to answer some of those questions there. I’m sure I haven’t answered all of them, but it’s a good starting place, and I’m happy to continue that conversation.

    Also, there are things you can do right now to help to pick up the pace in your own blogging. Consider linking out to other blogs in the HRC from your own posts. You could even link in this post to other posts where folks are expressing either concern, dismay, questions, or enthusiasm for the HRC blogging. When you link, they’ll see you’ve done so in a “pingback,” and they may link back to you. Linking’s very important in the blog world. Also, creativity gets interesting going: images, audio, video, etc. And of course when you comment on other blogs and leave the URL of your own blogsite in the comment identification field, you’ll also bring folks back to your site (everyone’s curious about the cool person who actually left a comment on their site).

    So: analytics on the way, try some linking, try some commenting, be creative (you’ve already done a cool job with your site design by the way), and check out “why blog?” for an overview of what the initiative is all about: telling the story of your living and learning at VT, particularly in the HRC.

    Your audience is out there!

    Dr. C.

    • Erika

      Ah, excellent! Good to know that there are, in fact, signs of life around here.

      Thanks for the pointers. WordPress is a new blogging format for me — I’ve never done pingbacks or dealt with a site that doesn’t have a built-in friendslist or newsfeed of some sort. I’ve meant to set up an RSS feed for my friends’ posts for a while now. It’s just taken a while to adjust to the format of WordPress blogs, and I’ll probably be more active when I’ve got more relevant information compiled in one place.

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