So it goes.

It’s been a crazy week. A series of force-adds, course drops, dorm politics, scheduling conflicts and the transformation of my summer savings into a growing mountain of textbooks has left me feeling very grateful for the weekend.
While enjoying some conversation with my friends this evening, I came to realize that my mechanisms for coping with stress and frustration are a somewhat baffling combination of the following:
+ tea
+ dark chocolate
+ hugs
+ applying Sriracha chili sauce to everything I consume
+ industrial music
+ violent action movies
+ more tea

So if you happen to wander into my room to find me making a pot of Earl Grey with Nine Inch Nails blasting at full volume in the background, do not be alarmed: I’m just a bit frazzled and will be right as rain shortly.


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  1. Christina

    Chocolate is always the answer :)

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