Oh Colloquia.

I fully intend to lead a colloquium at some point, but I’m not sure that this semester will be the best time. There are already tons of neat ideas floating about (The Technology of James Bond? Doctor Who and Philosophy?) and I really want to participate in those — several of them, if I can fit them into my schedule.

Topics I’d Lead (Or Join, If Somebody Beats Me To The Punch):

+Tea (proper brewing techniques, its historical impact, and its roles in both ancient and modern cultures)

+ Science Fiction’s Influence on Real-World Technology (Star Trek’s tricorders are iPhones! Biometric identification in Gattaca is a reality! The military is working on its own Iron Man suit design to give soldiers more strength and endurance! Seriously, the possibilities are endless.)

+ Dystopian Fiction (examining books, movies, and other forms of media like V for Vendetta, the Fallout games, Mad Max, or 1984, and discussing both their impact on popular culture and if the concepts presented in the stories could ever come to pass in the real world.)

…Hmm. Now that I’ve written these out, they sound pretty appealing. I’ll sleep on it and see if I’ll want to lead one of these this semester after all.

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