1. First Impressions

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 1.06.04 AM

At first Editorially seemed like a very watered down version of something like Google Docs, where you can easily choose the font, font color, and font size. The Editorially menu doesn’t even offer these items. However, it does offer other items not provided by Google: a timeline to compare old and current versions of the document, and who made the changes. You can easily revert to previous versions, should the need arise.

Editorially is deceptively simple; the intended audience would be, of course, for anyone seeking an online word processing unit who needed to collaborate with various people. Since there isn’t a way to completely customize the font or headers, the documents created using Editorially wouldn’t necessarily be for print—anybody who needed to create a document for print would use something like InDesign. Instead, the intended audience is someone who wishes to create content for an online platform.

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