4/8 Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Today I began my rough draft on Prezi. Even though I’d used the program before, it took a little while to figure out where everything was. I was very surprised to discover that they had a design very close to what I was looking for–with a few minor edits on style, I’ll have it looking just like I want it to for a police board. I had forgotten what a great tool it was. It’s very simple to use, and I’ll have no problem adding my information to it. The only problem I’ve encountered so far is the path issue; it already came with a set path, and I need to figure out how to reset it completely so I can drag and drop the information/pictures as needed. I started to create the Tweets on Twitter itself, so next class I’ll start to add everything to Prezi.

I also found something pretty neat that I want to include on the police board: a missing persons flyer. There are a lot of templates online that include all the necessary information for a missing person, so I downloaded one and filled in most of the information. Next class I’ll finish that and add it to Prezi as well; it will probably be my starting point, since it very briefly describes where and how Little Red Riding Hood went missing. From there I’ll go down to a minute-by-minute analysis through Tweets and pictures.

Here’s a link to my Prezi. 

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