What I Did and Why I Did It

Today I finally got the version I want down of my Prezi. At the end of the last class I had drawn up a quick version of how I wanted to present all of the information, but as I started to organize it, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted. I knew I needed to include more post-it notes, so I added blocks of yellow to the board so I would have a better idea of how much room I needed. I’m really happy with how it turned out. All of the information is where I want it to be. I’ll need to write up and edit a few pieces of information to go on the notes, but aside from that my project is completely finished. All of the Tweets and pictures are completely done, and they’ve been organized in a somewhat chronological order. The board is slightly chaotic, but I think it portrays an accurate crime board–the detectives would be more concerned with finding the missing person than keeping their information orderly. I added a sticky note at the top with the officers on the case, since I think they would need to keep track of it somehow. I’ll have to work on this a bit out of class to finish everything up, but I think I’m very close to finishing the project.

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