4/17 Blog Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Today I spent the majority of the class organizing all of the information I already added to my Prezi. Unfortunately, a lot of the work is really time consuming, and in the end I’m not 100% happy with it. Prezi, unlike InDesign, doesn’t have the feature that shows lines between all of the text/boxes/pictures to show if they are aligned. This makes it slightly difficult to get everything perfect by myself, and occasionally if I mess up, the undo button doesn’t work so I have to manually undo everything. Aside from those few constant struggles, I’m really really happy with how the board is turning out. As per a suggestion last class, I added other minor suspects, and it really brings a new dimension to what was already there. A few class periods ago I added a lot of Tweets I’d taken pictures of and stuffed them in the right side of the presentation, but I’m slowly going through and actually formatting them properly and it makes the whole board look a lot more professional. I’m excited to see the finished product.

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