Revision Post

Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I have so far–I’ve started putting all of my project into Prezi for my final draft. Today I added all of the Tweets so the people reviewing my project could see all of the Tweets I planned to add. As for the project as a whole, I think there’s still a lot of white space that needs to be covered. A police board is generally a wealth of information, and right now I only have bits and pieces. My group suggested including additional suspects instead of just the wolf, so I think that’s a great idea; I’ll choose three other minor suspects to include on the board and give a little background on each of them. A neat idea that I’ll quickly incorporate is, at the top of the board, add the two detectives working on the case.

I know I need to include a little more color into the board. Right now it’s mostly black and white with the occasional picture from Twitter. One member of my group suggested including different colored sticky notes to make the board appear to be more chaotic, but I’ll have to experiment with that and see if it adds or detracts from what I’m going for as far as design. I’ll have to look into different solutions to make the board appear more random, because right now everything is pencil straight and all written in Arial font.

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