4/1 Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Today I focused on outlining my project. I’ve used Prezi before, so I think that might be the easiest way to create something akin to an online whiteboard. It will help keep a more rigid timeline, since each page could be a different time and the events that occurred during that period. I decided that it needs to have three separate sections: a before, during and after. In each of these sections, at least one character will be Tweeting the events through their perspective.

In the “before” section, I think primarily Red will be Tweeting. She needs to introduce us to the setting and her purpose–she’s going through the woods so that she can visit her sick grandmother and bring her cookies. Through her journey, she can Tweet pictures of the woods and describe who/what she meets. The wolf will also be introduced at this time, but he won’t have as much to say, aside from that he’s hungry.

The “during” section occurs when the sun sets and Red first encounters the wolf in the woods. Red would probably be too scared to Tweet, so this section would primarily be told through the Wolf’s perspective. He wants to eat Red and Red’s cookies, but he knows that the hikers are still in the area, so he needs to figure out where she’s going. When she tells him, he’ll Tweet his idea–posing as the grandmother.

The “after” section would have the least amount of Tweets. I don’t think the wolf would specifically say whether or not he ate Red on social media, but he could mention being full or some other indication that he’s eaten something. From this point, Red of course completely stops updating Twitter, and Fairytale News steps in with reports of wolf sitings and Red missing.

For each section, I created some mock up Tweets, which I’ll definitely have to revise later, but for now I think they’re okay. It’s difficult to know how much information is too much to make this seem realistic; I’ll have to be careful with the wolf especially, because I don’t think he’d intentionally incriminate himself. For now I’ll just write out the information and then trim down accordingly.

You can view the outline and read the Tweets here.  


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