3/27 Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Since last class, I’ve tried to hammer out the details of my project. I know for a fact that I need to create a Twitter account for Red, the wolf, and a news account aptly named “Fairytale News.” I still need to figure out if I need to include accounts for the woodsman and Red’s grandmother, but I think enough of the story can be told through the other three accounts. I’d like to organize everything using a whiteboard, whether it’s an app or something I create myself using InDesign. I think the latter would be easier, because I’m already familiar with the program, and there aren’t any limitations as far as the project entails. I don’t have InDesign on my own computer, but the computers in the classroom offer the program, and as long as I have everything pulled together prior to class, I could easily just finish it in one sitting.

During class, I created the three necessary accounts on Twitter, and installed the app “TweetDeck” on my laptop. TweetDeck will be a tremendous help when it comes time to posting the Tweets from each of the characters. Instead of logging into each account, I can easily just select with account to Tweet from using the app. As for the three separate accounts, I tried to add a touch of customization to each of them; each has a profile picture and some sort of description. I’ll fill in the rest of the details later, but for now I think I have a good foundation for this project.


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