3/25 Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Originally I was considering making my remix of “Little Red Riding Hood” intentionally lighthearted and humorous, but the more I think about the project, the more I believe I need to go in the opposite direction. In two of my sources, Red comes out the victor of the struggle through outside help or dues ex machina. I don’t think a 21st century version of “Little Red Riding Hood” would have an easily explained fairytale ending. I think it would have to be a lot darker.

In my re-imagining of the story, Red would have to be constantly Tweeting about her journey through the woods. Some of it would be light–her uploading pictures of the woods, flowers, anything she finds. But when it gets dark, she’d start to mention scarier things–somebody following her, her conversation with the wolf. I think this would be hard to organize by simply pulling Tweets, unless she mentions specific hashtags.

I think the most interesting retelling of the story would involve starting from the end–Red is missing, and people are looking for her. They’re trying to piece together the information using the social media she posted on. Maybe there are other people in the woods that can place the wolf at the scene of the crime. I’ve spent some time researching scrapbooks, but a lot of these themes look a little too happy to be used to put together a potential murder investigation. A news article may be too limiting. What I really need is something akin to a whiteboard, where all of the information can easily be pinned and examined.

Upon further examination, this site seems to offer a lot of what I want. I’ll need to look into it a little more.

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