3/18 Post

What I Did:

I decided to remix the story “Little Red Riding Hood.” There are a lot of various renditions of the story, starting with the Brother’s Grimm version, which is probably the most sinister of the bunch. From there, the story gets a little more happy, with multiple children’s storybooks that leave Red and her grandmother very much alive, but the wolf out of luck. I plan on using the earliest version of the story as the basis of my remix, but I’d like to incorporate some of the more modern versions of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

 Why I Did It:

In 2005, a movie named Hoodwinked came out. It was a remake of Little Red Riding Hood, albeit much less sinister. It was a family comedy, and absolutely my favorite movie of the year. I loved what they did to each character to make them a little more current with the times. I would like to further this idea and retell the story by using social media, with a heavy emphasis on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. That being said, I would love to use one of the tools we were introduced to in the last project, Storify. I could pull all of the Tweets together and make a play-by-play of what happens during Red’s trip through the forest and her encounter with the wolf.

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