What I Did and Why I Did It

Today I finally got the version I want down of my Prezi. At the end of the last class I had drawn up a quick version of how I wanted to present all of the information, but as I started to organize it, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted. I knew I needed to include more post-it notes, so I added blocks of yellow to the board so I would have a better idea of how much room I needed. I’m really happy with how it turned out. All of the information is where I want it to be. I’ll need to write up and edit a few pieces of information to go on the notes, but aside from that my project is completely finished. All of the Tweets and pictures are completely done, and they’ve been organized in a somewhat chronological order. The board is slightly chaotic, but I think it portrays an accurate crime board–the detectives would be more concerned with finding the missing person than keeping their information orderly. I added a sticky note at the top with the officers on the case, since I think they would need to keep track of it somehow. I’ll have to work on this a bit out of class to finish everything up, but I think I’m very close to finishing the project.


What I Did and Why I Did It 

Today I officially finished adding all of the information to my Prezi. There’s quite a lot of information there, and I haven’t quite figured out how I want to organize it, so that’s what I’ll be doing for the remainder of class. I know I want to organize it chronologically, but there are a lot of different items I need to include at the same time. There are a lot of Tweets, and not a lot of other information, so I think I may need to include a few post-it-notes that explain why those Tweets are significant. The wolf is probably the hardest to explain, because his Tweets could construe him as either a hungry animal willing to eat anything, or a polite animal who asks Red for some cookies. A few of my Tweets made him seem more innocent than vicious, so I had to delete them from the board. However, I guess there’s still an open interpretation that Red’s grandmother gave him food and he left them alone.

4/17 Blog Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Today I spent the majority of the class organizing all of the information I already added to my Prezi. Unfortunately, a lot of the work is really time consuming, and in the end I’m not 100% happy with it. Prezi, unlike InDesign, doesn’t have the feature that shows lines between all of the text/boxes/pictures to show if they are aligned. This makes it slightly difficult to get everything perfect by myself, and occasionally if I mess up, the undo button doesn’t work so I have to manually undo everything. Aside from those few constant struggles, I’m really really happy with how the board is turning out. As per a suggestion last class, I added other minor suspects, and it really brings a new dimension to what was already there. A few class periods ago I added a lot of Tweets I’d taken pictures of and stuffed them in the right side of the presentation, but I’m slowly going through and actually formatting them properly and it makes the whole board look a lot more professional. I’m excited to see the finished product.


Revision Post

Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I have so far–I’ve started putting all of my project into Prezi for my final draft. Today I added all of the Tweets so the people reviewing my project could see all of the Tweets I planned to add. As for the project as a whole, I think there’s still a lot of white space that needs to be covered. A police board is generally a wealth of information, and right now I only have bits and pieces. My group suggested including additional suspects instead of just the wolf, so I think that’s a great idea; I’ll choose three other minor suspects to include on the board and give a little background on each of them. A neat idea that I’ll quickly incorporate is, at the top of the board, add the two detectives working on the case.

I know I need to include a little more color into the board. Right now it’s mostly black and white with the occasional picture from Twitter. One member of my group suggested including different colored sticky notes to make the board appear to be more chaotic, but I’ll have to experiment with that and see if it adds or detracts from what I’m going for as far as design. I’ll have to look into different solutions to make the board appear more random, because right now everything is pencil straight and all written in Arial font.

4/10 Post

Progress Report

I think I’ve gotten a decent lead on my project and I have a clear vision of what I want to accomplish in the next few class periods. I have all of the Tweets I need already written up, I just need to actually Tweet them, which won’t take very long at all. I’ve already started filling everything in on Prezi, but I’ll still need to go back and organize the information so the process looks a little more streamlined. Right now it’s just a jumble of information.

I finished creating my missing poster, so that’s uploaded on my Prezi. I think the biggest issue I’ve had so far is with Prezi itself–I’m not entirely sure how to insert new slides or boxes, but I’ve gotten away with just copy/pasting what I already have and using it. I don’t think I need anything else, so I’ll probably just continue using Prezi like this. It’s really simple to add pictures, which great. I’ve been taking pictures of each Tweet and adding it to its designated location.

To see my Prezi, click here. 

4/8 Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Today I began my rough draft on Prezi. Even though I’d used the program before, it took a little while to figure out where everything was. I was very surprised to discover that they had a design very close to what I was looking for–with a few minor edits on style, I’ll have it looking just like I want it to for a police board. I had forgotten what a great tool it was. It’s very simple to use, and I’ll have no problem adding my information to it. The only problem I’ve encountered so far is the path issue; it already came with a set path, and I need to figure out how to reset it completely so I can drag and drop the information/pictures as needed. I started to create the Tweets on Twitter itself, so next class I’ll start to add everything to Prezi.

I also found something pretty neat that I want to include on the police board: a missing persons flyer. There are a lot of templates online that include all the necessary information for a missing person, so I downloaded one and filled in most of the information. Next class I’ll finish that and add it to Prezi as well; it will probably be my starting point, since it very briefly describes where and how Little Red Riding Hood went missing. From there I’ll go down to a minute-by-minute analysis through Tweets and pictures.

Here’s a link to my Prezi. 

4/3 Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Today I continued creating Tweets for my rough draft. I’ve gotten a decent amount by now, but I’m trying to figure out just what will be used for the actual project. I’ll probably need to create more Tweets than will be used just so I have a decent selection when it comes time to pull the ones I need. I still need to create an account on Prezi; I’ve used it once before, so I’m not too worried about learning the software. I’ll only need it to pull everything together, including the pictures I need to pull from “Red’s” Instagram so that I can create a police report on her.

I pulled a lot of pictures for the “scene of the crime” from site SXC, which  allows members to take any of the pictures for free use. It’s actually a really great site that I’ve used for several projects before, and I recommend it to anyone who needs basic stock pictures–those on the site have been taken by amateur photographers. Click for a link.  


4/1 Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Today I focused on outlining my project. I’ve used Prezi before, so I think that might be the easiest way to create something akin to an online whiteboard. It will help keep a more rigid timeline, since each page could be a different time and the events that occurred during that period. I decided that it needs to have three separate sections: a before, during and after. In each of these sections, at least one character will be Tweeting the events through their perspective.

In the “before” section, I think primarily Red will be Tweeting. She needs to introduce us to the setting and her purpose–she’s going through the woods so that she can visit her sick grandmother and bring her cookies. Through her journey, she can Tweet pictures of the woods and describe who/what she meets. The wolf will also be introduced at this time, but he won’t have as much to say, aside from that he’s hungry.

The “during” section occurs when the sun sets and Red first encounters the wolf in the woods. Red would probably be too scared to Tweet, so this section would primarily be told through the Wolf’s perspective. He wants to eat Red and Red’s cookies, but he knows that the hikers are still in the area, so he needs to figure out where she’s going. When she tells him, he’ll Tweet his idea–posing as the grandmother.

The “after” section would have the least amount of Tweets. I don’t think the wolf would specifically say whether or not he ate Red on social media, but he could mention being full or some other indication that he’s eaten something. From this point, Red of course completely stops updating Twitter, and Fairytale News steps in with reports of wolf sitings and Red missing.

For each section, I created some mock up Tweets, which I’ll definitely have to revise later, but for now I think they’re okay. It’s difficult to know how much information is too much to make this seem realistic; I’ll have to be careful with the wolf especially, because I don’t think he’d intentionally incriminate himself. For now I’ll just write out the information and then trim down accordingly.

You can view the outline and read the Tweets here.  


3/27 Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Since last class, I’ve tried to hammer out the details of my project. I know for a fact that I need to create a Twitter account for Red, the wolf, and a news account aptly named “Fairytale News.” I still need to figure out if I need to include accounts for the woodsman and Red’s grandmother, but I think enough of the story can be told through the other three accounts. I’d like to organize everything using a whiteboard, whether it’s an app or something I create myself using InDesign. I think the latter would be easier, because I’m already familiar with the program, and there aren’t any limitations as far as the project entails. I don’t have InDesign on my own computer, but the computers in the classroom offer the program, and as long as I have everything pulled together prior to class, I could easily just finish it in one sitting.

During class, I created the three necessary accounts on Twitter, and installed the app “TweetDeck” on my laptop. TweetDeck will be a tremendous help when it comes time to posting the Tweets from each of the characters. Instead of logging into each account, I can easily just select with account to Tweet from using the app. As for the three separate accounts, I tried to add a touch of customization to each of them; each has a profile picture and some sort of description. I’ll fill in the rest of the details later, but for now I think I have a good foundation for this project.


3/25 Post

What I Did and Why I Did It 

Originally I was considering making my remix of “Little Red Riding Hood” intentionally lighthearted and humorous, but the more I think about the project, the more I believe I need to go in the opposite direction. In two of my sources, Red comes out the victor of the struggle through outside help or dues ex machina. I don’t think a 21st century version of “Little Red Riding Hood” would have an easily explained fairytale ending. I think it would have to be a lot darker.

In my re-imagining of the story, Red would have to be constantly Tweeting about her journey through the woods. Some of it would be light–her uploading pictures of the woods, flowers, anything she finds. But when it gets dark, she’d start to mention scarier things–somebody following her, her conversation with the wolf. I think this would be hard to organize by simply pulling Tweets, unless she mentions specific hashtags.

I think the most interesting retelling of the story would involve starting from the end–Red is missing, and people are looking for her. They’re trying to piece together the information using the social media she posted on. Maybe there are other people in the woods that can place the wolf at the scene of the crime. I’ve spent some time researching scrapbooks, but a lot of these themes look a little too happy to be used to put together a potential murder investigation. A news article may be too limiting. What I really need is something akin to a whiteboard, where all of the information can easily be pinned and examined.

Upon further examination, this site seems to offer a lot of what I want. I’ll need to look into it a little more.