Ten ways to make lectures more dynamic

Recently, I found an article in bbc news which was about how to have a dynamic lecture.

they suggested 10 ways including: fist, have a good start up to encourage students to settle down. I think some questions such as “how was your weekend” or “how was your holiday” or “do you have any problem about last lecture” can be good start ups.

second is the organization to think about what you are going to say, using the best method of delivery such as helpful videos, youtube clips and so on, trying to think about the best method of learning.

Third, good word about this part is being animated and active. Speaking very slow, monotone, sitting on the chair in front of the class make student to sleep. However, using gesture in speaking and having fun in the class are some interesting ways to motivate students to learn.

Forth, is student center learning. I remember in my organic chemistry class, our teacher asked 7 students to come in front of the class and then she told to 6 of them that you are Carbon atom and the other one was Oxygen atom, then she asked students to be different kinds of aromatic structures of sugars. It was so interesting for students. some times we need to go back to our kindergarten era, simple ways are always the best.

Fifth, is time for questioning. I have a class in this semester that the professor is just teaching, no time for questioning during the class. Having a time for questioning is important.

Sixth, is trying new strategies. Update ourselves to find new methods of teaching. Not only the teaching style, but also the content and way of questioning.

Seventh, is to encourage students to participate. For example, my major is packaging science and engineering, so we can ask student to have some group project and then present their ideas about new method of packaging design, contribute students in lab doing work to develop their ideas.

Eight is Technology. According to the author, three favorite technological resources are summarizing key notes, educational videos, and virtual learning environment.

Nine is asking student to give us a feedback whether this class was useful or not and give us their suggestion for improvement.

Tenth is having a good closing time at the end of each lecture. One of my classes which was about chemistry, our professor put summery at the end of his powerpoint. That summery was not only good for closing the class, but also it was good for the tests and homeworks.

This is the link of this atricle:  http://www.bbcactive.com/BBCActiveIdeasandResources/Tenwaystomakelecturesmoredynamic.aspx

2 thoughts on “Ten ways to make lectures more dynamic

  1. This is very helpful. I think lectures are still an important component of teaching, but they have to be engaging. Excellent resource for GEDIs 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I think it is very useful, and I will definitely keep it in mind when lecturing.

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