When I Was Young We Played Outside


For all of those people like me who grew up with Nintendo and television I am sure the above title had been said at one point or another by your parents. It would seem in this regard, the Soviet youth were hearing these decades in advance. According to this news article from the Digest of the Russian Press, people are complaining that their kids are spending too much time behind the television sets and indoors in general. Problems seemed to be arising such as children not developing enough friendships, not learning how to take care of crops/animals, and not doing enough ‘collective’ leisure. The Soviet mindset seems to resonate in the citizen base when people are complaining that people are not being led to do leisure activities together with their neighbors.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the wildly popular television show KVN was cancelled shortly after television sets became much more widespread (Source). People were getting cozy in their homes and the children were spending increasingly more time absorbing what was on the set. A show based on humor like KVN could create some problems for Soviet leaders because humor tends to be mixed with truths. Even if distant from sensitive policies, in the eyes of the Soviet party at least, with the rural community involved the humor was apparently a risk they refused to take. They had to keep the people in the collective mindset which they apparently had according to the above article.

While the party was weary of the new youth and the communication technology alongside it, the older generations seemed to look at the future of the youth fondly. Without displacements or full on physical war, the Soviet people had more time on their hands and turned their attention to apparently healthier alternatives than their western counterparts (Source). If this is the case then my parents definitely should have been thanking me for doing what I did rather than whatever alternatives they were said to have other than ‘playing outside.’ The way this is all presented especially since eventually Rock and Roll began to pick up in Soviet Russia was that the west corrupted the Soviet populace. This could explain some of the Russian unhappiness towards the west today along with another reason the Soviets collapsed, their people lost sight of the collective.