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Our project, Eidolon, is an asymmetric multiplayer game that pits a single Virtual Reality (VR) player against up to four PC players.

The game is set in a temple on an alien planet, which is inhabited by a parasite planet conqueror that is guarded by the VR player. Each floor of the temple contains a challenge that requires PC players to communicate and collaborate in order to ascend to the next floor and defeat the parasite. 

Upon entering the temple, PC players are assigned a unique color that allows them to interact with a button that shares their color. Each button appears colorless to the players, except for a special uncolored player whose role is to communicate the colors of the buttons to the others. The buttons play an important role in winning the objective, and their functions vary from floor to floor. While the PC players try to complete their objective, the VR player will be trying to keep the PC players from progressing by sending them to a jail. PC players can let each other out of jail, but if the VR player manages to trap them all in jail, then the VR player wins. The round progresses to the next floor regardless of who wins the previous floor, and the game is won by whoever wins best two out of three floors.

The VR player uses abilities such as laser beams and throwable objects that they can teleport to in order to send the PC players to jail and win. Activation of these abilities makes use of gestures that take advantage of the tracked motion controllers that VR provides us with. The PC players, on the other hand, are granted a special ability that will assist them in evading the VR player and completing their objective.

We hope that you are interested in our game, and we are looking forward to finishing and getting it published for you all to play! We will soon start alpha / beta testing. Please apply to help us with testing!