Well, I’m all packed. Leaving for Dulles airport tomorrow morning at 9 am and WOW this happened quickly. I have gone through waves of excitement and fear and now, I am definitely feeling a little bit of both. I am excited for my first trip abroad and to learn more about higher education in other countries. I am excited to visit the universities and meet new people, as well as to explore my topic which is diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality (and mentoring). I am scared of losing my passport, of getting lost, getting stuck, and all of the usual traveling fears. I am very thankful that I am traveling with such a wonderful group and I can’t wait to see what the next 2 weeks bring. I believe that this will be an incredible experience and am excited to get started! I know I will learn a lot and grow a lot as a person. Looking at the schedule, I recognize that we will be very busy, but I am happy about that. I want to take it all in. See you all soon in Zurich!!!