Hi all,

It’s been so exciting to get started planning for our GPP trip this summer! I got my passport in the mail this week and I can’t wait to use it. I scheduled an appointment to get my passport the day I found out I got accepted into the GPP18 program and I was really nervous even for the appointment! I made copies of every document I have about myself, even though I read the paperwork and knew I didn’t need half of it. Still, I did it just in case, because I wanted to make sure it would go smoothly. The appointment was perfectly fine and I applied without any issues, so hopefully this is how traveling will go as well!

Back to our trip. I’m really excited to travel abroad and expand my thoughts and experiences beyond the United States. I feel like my time at Virginia Tech during the past 4 years has already impacted my life in a big way and has fostered my personal growth in a way that I never expected, and I think this trip and the accompanying experiences will be a good next step for me. I am eager to learn about how other countries conceptualize diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality, as well as the importance of mentoring within higher education.

With that being said, I’m a really nervous traveler, so I’m scared to travel on my own and am unsure about how I am going to get to DC or Charlotte to fly in and out of the US, and am nervous about staying in a hostel the night before our trip begins. Hopefully I will start to feel more comfortable about this as time goes on.