Life Experience Matters. “Knowing is not Enough” By Efon

Just as Parker Palmer noted in today’s reading, knowing is not enough for any professional. Institutional and organizational challenges requires competencies beyond classroom lessons and textbook knowledge. Dan Edelstein also alluded to the question of competency. That is competencies that can translate personal and learned experiences into workplace skills that will enable individual (in this case educators) to make an impact in either their teaching or in research careers.

Seth Godin discussion on what is the meaning of school – respect and obedience. This is particularly the case for a new faculty trying to understand his/her teaching and learning environment – knowing yourself, the people and organization. I think in education, especially in a classroom setting, situational awareness and understanding is very important. I think new teachers or PhD. graduates must expect to be challenged in their new career. But, in any situation, I think that recognizing the motivational side of other people, be it other faculty members, students or staff, and may help new PhD graduate to better cope with their new work environment/s. In all modern management based on standardized techniques and processes often do not reflect the values and attitudes that power systems and organizations.

As a working professional, my life and career experience defines my work. I focus on people, processes and outcomes. Ideas do not matter much if others cannot work well with you. Respect, good communication, empathy, compassion and selflessness coupled with a good sense of humor are some of the attributes that will help anyone navigate personal and organizational challenges in any workplace.