Week 13: Ethics and Personal Ethos

I think the topic of personal ethics and values is one that I have no singular philosophical outlook on. My ethics are determined on a case by case basis. Smart decisions and good judgment are what is key and important to me as a person and professional. For me, the bar is to get it right the first time. Understanding my personal limitations and short-fallings, but thriving to do what is right all the time. But what is right is also subjective based on time, space and nature. This is because what society may expect from you, especially as a minority, is not always what may be the most beneficial outcome for you as an individual or professional.

The things I value the most on a personal level and as a professional are honesty, respect, trust, and authenticity. But while I hold these values at the core of my being, expressing them is situational and contextual. As such, my values are what influences my ethics. I have a liberal and pragmatic approach to ethical issues. Morality is important but what is wrong or immoral in one situation, place and context may not necessarily be the same in a slightly different context with different actors. As a racial minority, empathy is important to how I judge events. I am fully informed by my past experiences, which also incorporates a strong sense of purposefulness and professionalism.