Google Maps: A Value-Chain of Opportunities

Data can offers boundless opportunities when it is well structured and designed within a connected ecosystem. For instance, data from Google Maps and related sub-systems like Google Transit, can be diffused and spread within the Google Platform, extended to media like Amazon Echo to provide real-time transit updates (i.e. next bus arrivals, service delays, traffic disruptions) just by saying a keyword to, ask “Alexa” about your bus ride.

The Bay Area is ahead of the game. Its Popular 511 Service is now available on Amazon’s Alexa Devices. But, we in the DC region are not far from behind. Tuesday, April 17, 2018, I got a long-awaited email from Google informing us that Fairfax Connector transit data feed is now live on Google Maps, which will allow build the foundation to integrate with Amazon Alexa in the future. In fact, the value-added and opportunities data integration and embedded systems are boundless.