Open Access in the Information Age: An Overview of Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP)

Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) is an open access platform that publishes “original research articles.” SCIRP states that it’s general peer-review process is single blind with a minimum of two external reviewers. Including a 4 weeks preliminary review timeline after manuscript is accepted for full review.

While access to online articles is free, printed versions comes with subscription charges. Authors may continue to hold copyright with no restrictions and SCIRP holds a nonexclusive copyright under the “Creative Commons license.” However, SCIRP requires Article Processing Charges (APC), which are due when a manuscript has been accepted for publication. The APC for the Open Journal of Social Science is $ 299.00. Apparently, SCIRP offers an APC reductions to support authors from Low-Income Countries.

As an end user, free access to online articles is great. However, as a future author, I have an issue with any “processing charge” or “submission fees” to publish my articles and/or research. It just do not resonate with me. I think there is plenty of opportunities for universities, philanthropies and non-profit organizations to be more involved in designing, developing and managing open access platforms.