What About Scholarly Research by Grad. Students—at Virginia Tech

During the Open Access Forum on Monday, October 23, 2017, I was delighted to hear the panel discuss the evolving landscape of scholarly research and some of the actions that the library is taking to promote Open Access (OA) publishing. I am strongly in favor of Open Access publishing – but I realize that in the OA world, the words free and accessible may be subjective, depending on the platform. But, outside the issues of Open Access and the state of scholarly publishing, I think writing high quality papers is not enough. I believe that Virginia Tech may need to do more to mentor and develop young researchers (PhD and masters students) to produce and publish high quality research or articles via Open Access platforms.

I think mentoring at the Ph.D. level at Virginia Tech may need some serious improvements. Overall, my question is – can and/or should Virginia Tech do more to mentor and develop young researchers into publishing research articles?