Maryland MTA is open to a Baltimore-DC maglev

Image by Maryland MTA.


For some years now, the Maryland MTA have been studying how to build a maglev line between DC and Baltimore with proposed stations to include the Hilton Baltimore, Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and Union Station in Washington D.C. The proposed high-speed ground transportation line between Baltimore and Washington is aiming for an optimum speed of over 300 miles per hour that would enable an approximate 15-minute travel time between the tow cities.

A Step Forward:

In 2016, FRA awarded $27.8 million to MDOT to prepare preliminary engineering and NEPA analysis for an SCMaglev train between Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC.


In 2013, Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe, proposed fully financing the Baltimore and Washington DC high-speed maglev. Offering a low-cost loans to jump-start demand for its maglev technology in the US. The proposed $15 billion, 35 miles project would connect two cities at an estimated cost of $420 million per mile. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan seems like support the maglev line between DC and Baltimore. Now, let us wait and see what happens.

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