A New Georgetown University Study Says Latinos Are Falling Behind Whites and Blacks In College Attainment

According to a new study from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (Georgetown Center), Latinos are falling behind Whites and Blacks in college attainment.  The study reveals that only 21 percent of Latinos have bachelor’s degrees compared to 32 percent of blacks and 45 percent of whites. The stats shows that Latino students are enroll in overcrowded and underfunded community colleges with low graduation rates; only 15 percent enrolled in one of the 500 most selective colleges that have much higher graduation rates; Latinos with college degrees are less likely to work in college jobs and have the lowest earnings compared to whites and blacks. In particular, Latina women are the lowest earning group in America. However, per the study, when Latinos obtain at least some postsecondary education they have higher earnings than blacks. In the same light, Latina women with bachelor’s degrees outearn black women.

The full report, Latino Education and Economic Progress: Running Faster but Still Behind, is available online at cew.georgetown.edu/LatinosWorkforce.