The Struggles Of HBCU and the Fight for the Future of Black Intellectuals

An Uncertain Future for HBCUs. Opportunities and challenges facing the HBCU community.

I think it is common knowledge that historically black colleges and universities a.k.a HBCUs are struggling. University of Pennsylvania’s Marybeth Gassman, quoted in the Business Insider, says “HBCUs often struggle because they have fewer resources than other colleges — typically due to lower endowments and less money coming in from alumni giving.”

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Some people think that securing increased federal funding is the solution. As institutions that were founded in response to slavery and Jim Crow era discrimination against blacks, HBCUs gave and continue to give African Americans education choices. It seems like there is some degree of moral responsibility for the federal government to act to support HBCUs. At least, nowadays, HBCUs offers a range of affordable and accessible college opportunities for many low-income students, particularly black students. However, I am wondering if the future or the survival of HBCUs and the black intellectual class is dependent on the federal government or on the broader higher education community.