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Its been a very long time since I’ve posted in this blog.
So I hope to make this a lengthy one.
Its been months since I’ve used Ubuntu…not only in Intro to Unix but for nearly all of my classes that require programming. I find that using Ubuntu is very convenient when coding and having to use the terminal compared to the Windows platform where terminal commands are somewhat of a hassle.
I find it hilarious when I am in windows terminal trying to use commands that would only work on Ubuntu. For example, “ls” command and such.

I’ve also realized the importance of Unix especially when interviewing for jobs. A lot of the jobs that I have applied for asked if I had experience with Linux and familiar with its overall infrastructure. Although I enjoy using Unix…I still hate python with a passion (only because of the dependency on indentation). If it wasn’t for that I would enjoy python. **end rant**

Hmmm…what else could I say in this blog?
Oh!!! I have been attending nearly all of the LUUG (Linux User Group) meetings and still I am lost. Sometimes I find it difficult to understand what is going on within the meeting unless you are already familiar with Linux (beyond familiar for that fact). Maybe someday I can become a guru to interpret all things said within those meetings. Someday….Someday….

As for the Intro to Unix class itself, I honestly have not been going to any of the classes mostly because of the location being at Litten-Reeves. If the class was located at Whitemore or perhaps Durham, I would have attended all of the classes. Hmmm…as for grades within the class, I am actually concerned since the point system is all over the place. How can assignments be posted as “optional” when you have to do it to get a chance at getting a solid A. For it almost being the month of December, after tallying my grade I still have an F. =( So I really have no idea how well I am doing within the class.

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