February 2021

Is there a connection between science ethics and economic ethics?

Reference article: The relationship between economics and ethics and the light Dooyeweerd sheds on it . by Jeloost Hengstmeng

I think in the back of our minds we would consider the conspiracy of DC water crisis and Flint’s water crisis comes from questionable economic ethics. The people involve place higher value of cost over the […]

An ethical challenge: should we or shouldn’t we?

I found this article about ethics: The Ethical Challenges in Farming: A Report on Conversations with Missouri Corn and Soybean Producers in the writing style like our research project.

Over the last few weeks, we discussed science ethics as something done ‘incorrectly’ or ‘not all’ by science experts. As an example, we discuss the lack […]

The Lack of Listening Skills in Science

I want to compare an example of a professional soft skill course with our Learning to Listen (L2L) project. In general, soft skills help improve professional teams with social and emotional learning, i.e. diversity. After reading course outline ‘Developing Scientists “Soft” Skills’ by Wendy S. Gordon, I began evaluating the soft skill course with our […]

Experts, Ethics, and Public Communication

After listening to Wednesday’s guest speaker began thinking about how the low-income home project relates to the DC and Flint water crisis. In comparison, I am concerned that experts are not completely open to the public until a disaster occurs. As in DC and Flint, the experts had knowledge about the hazards of lead drinking […]

Science Experts and Ethics

When discussing science experts, a great example comes from Ibo van de Poel and Lamber Royakkers description of the Ford Pinto. As a political form of science and technology, the automobile industry is powerful! As in the Ford Pinto case, the science experts from Ford neglected the safety of the public by design for the […]